Bahasa Bahasa Inggris


Berikut beberapa contoh conversation dalam bahasa inggris


Receptionist: Good Afternoon, can I help you?
Ms. Yuliana: Yes, I would like to speak to Subagio, please.
Receptionist: I’m sorry, Mr. Subagio is out of the office at the moment.
Ms. Yuliana: Do you know when to expect him?
Receptionist: I should be back about 3:00. Would you like to leave a message?
Ms. Yuliana: Yes. My name is Ana Yuliana .
Receptionist: Is that Y-U-L-I-A-N-N-A?
Ms. Yuliana: It’s with one N’s.
Receptionist: Okay, and may I tell him what this is in regards to?
Ms. Yuliana: Well, it’s a rather personal matter…
Receptionist: That’s okay. How can he reach you, Ms. Yuliana?
Ms. Yuliana: At 0852-4857-4567.
Receptionist: 0852-4857-4567. Fine. I will give him the message as soon as he returns.
Ms. Yuliana: Thank you very much.


Hotel Clerk: Welcome to the Sejahtera Hotel, sir. How may I help you?
Mr. Budi: Hello. I would like a non-smoking room with a double bed.
Hotel Clerk: Do you have a reservation?
Mr. Budi: No, I’m afraid I don’t.
Hotel Clerk: Hmmm. Let me see. We don’t seem to have any rooms with double beds right now. We are very full tonight. We’ve got a large conference going on.
Mr. Budi: I see. So what do you have available?
Hotel Clerk: Well, not much. It seems we have a small corner room on the 5th floor. It has a single bed and a bathroom with a shower.
Mr. Budi: And is it a non-smoking room?
Hotel Clerk: No, the 5th floor is a smoking floor. But that is the only room we have at this time. Would you be interested in it?
Mr. Budi: Wow. That’s terrible. I didn’t realize… I knew I should have made a reservation before I left home.
Hotel Clerk: Yes, you never know if we will have vacancies or not.
Mr. Budi: I guess I’ll have to take that room, then. I don’t have time to look for another hotel.
Hotel Clerk: Great. First, let me just have your name…


Lisa: Excuse me, sir. I’m looking for a place to eat. Can you tell me if there are any restaurants in this mall?
Woman at Information Booth: Sure. There are several. What kind of food are you thinking about?
Lisa: I’m not sure. Anything but fast food.
Woman: There is a nice Japanese restaurant upstairs. It’s a little pricey, but the food is good.
Lisa: Oh. Sounds good, but I ate Japanese food last night. I’d rather try something else.
Woman: Okay. How about Italian? Or maybe Chinese?
Lisa: Italian sounds good, but so does Chinese. I just can’t decide. Are there any American places here?
Woman: Yes, there’s a very good steak house downstairs, and you’ll find Waroeng Steak’s across the parking lot. What about either of those?
Lisa: I’m sorry to be such a bother, but nothing strikes my fancy. I guess I just won’t eat anything for awhile.
Woman: Well, I’m afraid that’s all there is here in the mall.
Lisa: That’s too bad. I’m sorry about my indecision. I guess what, what I really need is a good buffet.
Woman: Hmmm…. I remember going to a buffet not far from here. They have foods from several different countries. It’s about two blocks away. It’s quite good, too.
Lisa: That sounds great. Maybe I should do that.